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Blumberg, Quincy Jones, and Spud at the Golden Score Awards.

Blumberg, Quincy Jones, and Spud at the Golden Score Awards.

“It’s a killer course. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to seriously study music.”

-Quincy Jones

“You can look forward to developing your hands, your ears and your mind…. An unstoppable combination when it comes to music….”

-Herbie Hancock

“After only his 3rd lesson, a student became agitated. When I asked him why he was so angry, he said it was because music study has been made way too complicated in academic institutions, and the EIS system was the way music should be taught in schools! Another student told me he thought “Spud” should receive the Pulitzer Prize.”

-David Blumberg

“Students needn’t feel the slightest degree of intimidation. This work can only serve to facilitate and inspire journeys to new and uncharted musical terrain.”

-Bennie Green

“A great teacher and educator has written another textbook that will be of great benefit to the serious student.”

-Horace Silver

“A work of this nature can only serve to aid aspiring jazz pianists to achieve more harmonies and creative avenues.”

-Oscar Peterson

“Any pianist hoping to cope with today and tomorrow’s changing musical menu had better prepare himself by obtaining the final word in pianistical completeness. I advise one and all, obtain your copy ASAP.”

-Gerald Wiggins

“I originally took Spud’s course in the early 60’s. Knowing how his course is adaptable to any kind of music, I recently just bought the new update. I cannot endorse it highly enough. Studying with Spud Murphy was one of the greatest experiences of my life.”

-Bill Burks