The Equal Interval System® | New Student Info
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New Student Info

EIS® is a PRIVATE COURSE in the study of music composition. It is an extensive and in-depth course, and is famous for it’s many successful graduates.
EIS® is a teacher/mentor program and is taught in individual lessons. These teachers are Spud graduates, and are highly qualified and motivated to insure the integrity of the course. These teachers are all successful in their own musical careers, and hope to inspire and challenge every student as Spud did with them.
Prospective students are required to have an interview with a senior teacher, to determine if EIS® is right for them. Should EIS® be right for them, there will be another interview with a different senior teacher so that we can pair that student with the teacher that would best suit them. Most lessons are on Skype.
The optimum way to study is one lesson a week, and the least is every other week. Prospective students should know in advance that taking this course is a commitment to be successful.
There are 12 different levels in the course. Depending on what the students wants to accomplish, they may only want to go to level 4 or 6 or 8.
To request an Interview you must first answer these questions:

1) Where did you hear about EIS®?
2) What instrument do you play?
3) What is your musical background?
4) Can you take music notation?
5) What is your goal?
6) Can you Skype?
7) What part of the planet do you live in?

For Interviews contact